Architecture & Interior Design

Architecture Design


As a part of integrated design, we insist that creating an architecture design that both have aesthetic value from the outside and functional purpose in the inside, thus forming a perfect blend to fulfill the various needs of each individual.

Landscape Design


​Playing role as a delightful colour in the mother-nature, the blossoming flowers, the ever-green trees, or the multi-coloured vegetations that please our visual sense.

Landscape design is one of the most important aspect of architectural design, forming a unity with its man-made design.

Ranging from small-size garden, mid-size garden, or a large full-scale park. 

Interior Design


​Believing that the interior design plays role in stimulating individual's senses, We capture this opportunity to provoke the imagination for every individuals to bring their visual dreams into realities.

Ranging from cafe interior design, residential house interior design, hotel room design, and so on.

3D-Artist Impression


Enhancing visualization throughout 3D rendering is a must in order for individuals to understand and feel the proposed - design.

Here, We show the 3-D artist impressions as near as the reality that will be built that give individuals a sneak peek of the future ahead.

Branding & Graphic Design

Branding & Graphic Design


Working alongside TDC Indonesia, under supervision of Cushman & Wakefield, We develop the whole package graphic design, from logo, branding identity, brochure, and website development for Prosperity Residence - The Lotus at Puri CBD, Jakarta - Indonesia

Logo Design


Creating a unique and outstanding sub-brand logo for well-known NEST Reflexology brand, with easy to recognizable for consumers.

And also distinctive with white on black or vice versa for DOLCE E SALATO Restaurant brand with classy touch.

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